Grappling with the
Busy daily grind,
Too focussed
With the
Daily list of
Must do this
And should do that.

Always and ever
A battle to
Do more, be more,
And to have more.
Forever rushing,
Hurrying here
Then, dashing there.

No time to stop.
Dare not stop: just
Too much to do.
Never mind the
Wonder and beauty
Of the gift of life.

But when did we
Adults forget
The daily grind
Is the means to
An end, not the
Sole purpose of
Human existence?

Puppies, kittens,
And children know
Best, the secret.
Curious, playful:
They live in the
Present, exploring
The world around them.

In the moment,
They learn through play
And fun to thrive
Through love and cuddles.
May not we adults
Learn from them to
Live life, a little more?

Copyright J Bouwman 2016

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