It had to happen, eventually.

After a long, long hot summer with steamy, sunny days and sticky, over-warm nights; the weather is finally turning.

Six weeks behind schedule: the deciduous trees are shedding their leaves and cooler overnight temperatures makes for sounder sleeping.

As for younger mutt: last night was the first night he wore one of his jackets from last winter. Never mind it being many months since then, I had only to say ‘Jacket?’ once.

Upon hearing this keyword, his demeanour changed from a slouch-body to a dog at-attention: sitting upright, eyes bright, and with his ears pointing to the ceiling, ready for action.

There is a saying that goes along the lines of: ‘A change is as good as a holiday.’

And while there is nothing quite like a change of scene to reinvigorate the self; a-changing of the season can be a welcome, therapeutic tonic for the psyche.

Until next time, Jo

3 thoughts on “When Change is as Good as a Holiday

  1. I love a good jumper in winter but I haven’t convinced my dog its a great idea, your dog is a very lucky dog. Stay warm, cheers


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