Altogether too grumpy: that’s been me of late.

But no more.

Enough is enough.

Time to get me a little attitude.

You know the one that says: ‘I’m so not interested!’

Because I’m over tip-toeing around retail assistants for fear of upsetting them when, as a customer, I’m buying groceries, booking an appointment, or when trying ever so politely to order a meal at the local pub.

I’m so over their dismissive attitude, their lecturing, their abrupt rudeness; never mind their expectations of being treated with reverent politeness which they have no interest in reciprocating.

People in the business of providing ‘customer service’ need to get over themselves. Contrary to their view, their role is not to make the customer’s experience one of hell on earth.

The good news for me (aka the customer) is that in a competitive marketplace I get to choose where I spend my money.

So watch out!

My legs, while not attractive things, the one thing they do well is walk.

That’s right: from now on, just try to give me too aggrieved an attitude and watch me turn my back walking away, far away from the negativity.

But smile at me and watch me glow in hope of fulfilling an expectation of common courtesy.

Better still: be prepared to listen, even ask a question or two of me as part of providing me with what I want and I’m yours. Forever.

Until next time, Jo

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