The house seems unusually quiet these days.

A month ago senior mutt passed away two days shy of her fifteenth birthday. And the household is adjusting to her absence.

Still, younger mutt no longer checks each room (searching for senior mutt) whenever us humans come home after work, shopping, or other outings.

As for the evening meal, I have yet to consistently prepare the right amount of food for one dog, not two. Mind you, judging by the way younger mutt vacuums his food, he does not mind whenever his serve is over-generous.

Someone told me once that dogs can remember scents for two years; so, to help younger mutt adapt to being on his own, he now wears a new dog collar. And stretching his body before relaxing into a deep slumber tells me he likes his new doggie bed.

As a matter of fact, the entire household sleeps better these days. No more getting up several times a night to attend to senior mutt’s toileting needs.

Still, being at home now is not the same without her.

I miss her way of insisting on being close by, of being an integral part of my daily schedule. I miss the way she used to snuggle into my arms as if she naturally belonged there.

But I know she is now free of the constraints of old age and a body ravaged by cancer.

I have my memories to comfort me: I remember the first time I saw her as a puppy, the first time I held her, and the last time I held her.

I guess it just takes time to adjust.

Copyright 2016 Jo

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