Change: sometimes it is embraced with joy; other times it is not welcomed, at all.

Recently, senior mutt had a check-up.

For nigh on fifteen years senior mutt has been a loyal companion, a trainer of three puppies, a watch-dog, and a valued member of our family. And now she is dying from an ever-growing tumour in her abdomen.

The vet has left the decision to us.

‘She could be one of those dogs that goes to sleep one day and doesn’t wake up,’ he had said.

So, for as long as she is able to get about, eat, sleep, and do all the usual things that dogs do; we have decided to let nature take its course.

In the meantime though: more cuddles, gentle massages, edible treats, and her favourite evening meal of either chicken or fish are the order of the each day.

Until next time, Jo

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