I know the feeling. I know it well.

Whether it be one half of an intimate relationship, or a thread woven into the looser knit of friendship.

It is the experience of that warm and fuzzy feeling where you bask in the glow of belonging to something rather special: believing, hoping, the state of ecstasy never ends.

‘Best mates’, ‘Friends Forever’, or ‘Kindred Spirits’: people drawn together by common interest, or irresistible magnetism.

Remove the thread of commonality though, dull the luminosity of attraction, or place too heavy a weight on the glue adhering a friendship fast: then something is lost, or broken. No more the warm and fuzzy feelings. No more the inner glow of joy and happiness.

Like an unravelled and frayed jumper, each person drifts away from that which once held them so snug.

Friendships formed in school may not last once the formal learning environment is removed; workplace friendships may struggle if a colleague leaves to pursue a career in a different field of endeavour; and over a person’s life span, personal values and lifestyle can change.

For me, the tough part is knowing when it is okay to let go; to appreciate that like the ebb and flow of the tidal sea, so too, people are part of my daily life for a while. And then they are gone.

Greater still then, within the art of letting go, is the lesson of appreciating those who remain key to my daily happiness all the more.

Copyright Jo 2015

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