OMG! So naughty. My choice for this morning’s treat is a ginger-beer spider and ricotta pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream. Just what the doctor would have ordered to feed the soul. (Or not!) Piped music soothes and relaxes my mind as I eat. Delicious food. Yum! I look up. With an outlook towards a well-manicured park on a bright, sunny day, the café appeals to my sense of quirky. Tucked into the bay window is a small, wooden coffee table between two comfy armchairs. Next to the bay window is the café’s front entrance. And between where I sit (towards the back of the café) and the front door, an elongated church pew sits along one wall. On the other side of the room a large bookcase almost the length of the café is full of pre-loved books for sale. Much of the remaining floor space is occupied with square tables and wrought-iron chairs. The café is popular with the locals. And as each customer enters the café both they and the café owner greet each other by their first name. I savour the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the moment. And afterwards, a walk by the seaside awaits me. So naughty, but oh so very nice.

Copyright Jo 2015

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