Life is good.

Never mind my recent trip to the hospital to visit a friend.

With the weather being glorious, I enjoyed being outdoors soaking up the warmth of the brilliantly sunny day.

Never mind inside the hospital and those rows of patients, each hooked up to a dialysis machine.

And after visiting my friend, divine is the word that comes to mind as I relish another mouthful of the delicious caramel sponge slice. Comfort food delivered by a smiling waitress of a nearby patisserie.

And never mind the image in my mind’s eye of one of the patients bleeding out as the nurse pushes buttons on the dialysis machine and checks the patient’s tubes.

Taking a sip of my café latte I decide to distract my thoughts by rummaging through my bag to find my most recent purchase.

All items on that outdoor charity stall were hand-crafted by the two women serving. Crochet shawls, lace doilies, patchwork throws, and knitted dog jackets. Too cute to pass by, I immediately thought of my younger dog.

A new morn and a brand new day. Not sunny and warm like yesterday, but chilly and wet.

Still, younger dog looks warm and cosy in his brand new woollen jacket. And gazing at both dogs asleep, comfortable and content; I tell myself life is still good.

Copyright Jo 2015

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