Written and ready to read. That was the post I had initially intended to upload the third week of December. Brimming to overflowing, the post was reflective of the joy of the Festive Season.

But then, life happened.

So now, I’m not going to reminisce about the clap of thunder reaching my ears as I swam a lap of the rock pool, next to the wide, open expanse of ocean.

Nor am I going to tell you about how the colour of rock, water, and sky blurred into the one hue: dark grey to blue-black. Mid-afternoon on a hot, summer’s day and like the surf rolling to shore, so too the thundering clouds rolled menacingly towards the ocean.

And never mind me blinking twice in disbelief to confirm the rock walls were on the move. Alive as they were with purple rock and red bait crabs, shuffling sideways and then back again, impatient to reclaim the pool as their own for the night ahead.

A flash of lightning and yes, the crabs were correct in their assumption. It was time for all humans to seek the safety, comfort, surety, and shelter of the indoors.

No, I’m not going to say anything about my seaside experience.

Rather, what I will share with you is this: surety is an illusion.

One of my dear friends passed away on December 26th, but just two weeks earlier we had met for lunch. My friend of twenty years was content, happy, and looked the picture of excellent health.

During the course of that lunch we worried about another friend of ours. Diagnosed with breast cancer and on dialysis, we were in awe of our friend’s feisty and determined spirit.

By my reckoning, confronting one’s mortality is not for the faint-hearted.

For some, it is from the perceived surety of terra-firma to walking mid-air across a deep abyss. Half-way across and with no safety net, but armed with a stubborn refusal to look down into that abyss, you walk with unfaltering focus towards sighted landfall.

In shock and disbelief I listened to my friend’s son as he told me of his mother’s passing.

Bereft of control. Powerless to roll-back time for just one more laugh and just one more hug. And yet, it is for my dear friend who has passed away and for my friend fighting for her life, I appreciate life.

Never mind the abyss.  Never mind the inevitable. Life is also about laughter, joy, love, friendship, and belonging.

Steadfast in belief. Trusting. I will my friend to the safety of that landfall.

Copyright Jo 2015

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