Who knew?

All grown-up and well-able to watch my p’s and q’s in polite society, that’s me. Or, so I thought.

Just the other weekend I discovered otherwise.

Never mind the stunning, panoramic views from the 31st floor of the five-star hotel. Never mind the elegant room, or the attentive wait-staff.  And most definitely, without a doubt, never mind those sumptuous tasty morsels prepared in the hotel’s kitchen.

Each guest attending the 60th birthday party wanted for nothing. And that included the children.

No surprise then that in catering for the kiddies my inner child also wanted to play.

It happened when I saw the waitress carry a tray of multi-coloured mini gelatos. From the inside looking out, I felt my inner-being aglow with happiness.

Sorry kiddies, but on seeing my face the waitress changed course to let me have first choice.

Just like the time when mum and dad threw a big cardboard box into the back yard. Dad was about to cut it up into smaller pieces, but on seeing my face he had let me have first dibs.

To me, that cardboard box was no ordinary thing. It conjured in my mind’s eye images of castles, dragons, righting wrongs, and plenty of adventure. I could barely hold in my excitement in anticipation of playtime.

And so, looking at the neat row of mini gelatos with its rainbow mix of flavours, I could barely hold back my excitement in anticipation of taste.

From the very first bite, my taste buds sang the joyous strains of pure bliss.

I was vaguely aware of closing my eyes to savour the moment more. Close by my side, I could hear the deep, sonorous laugh of my lovely.

‘Oh my!’ I said, opening my eyes. ‘I’m so enjoying this.’

‘We can see that,’ responded my lovely.

Too late, I realized my inner child had escaped the confines of adulthood.

But I was too happy to care.

Copyright Jo 2014

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