Picture it: a suburban street busy with two-way traffic.

Nothing unusual about that, but then traffic in both directions slows to a halt. No traffic lights. No traffic accident. No obvious cause for the pause.

Equally puzzling are the facial expressions of the motorists. No angst. No frowns. No impatience. Just Cheshire-cat grins.

Craning for a better view, I see why. And I smile.

I don’t know where they came from, or where they are going, but they are definitely the cause for the stoppage.

Oblivious, mama and papa duck are waddling across the road with their two chicks following close behind.

When the family of four reach the other side of street, the traffic begins to flow again.

The last I see of them, mama and papa duck are leading their two chicks up the hill towards the local primary school.

So, on an otherwise ordinary week day, four ducks manage to stop the traffic while, at the same time, bringing joy into the lives of all who watch on.

Now, that’s unusual.

Copyright Jo 2014

One thought on “Unusual

  1. I love this story! We have four duck crossing zones where I am and no matter how cross or late you are, they always make you slow down and smile. Cheers B


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