Snatches of images: here, and then gone.

Over there! One followed by another: a horse, a drover, and an open-air carriage with white trimmings.

Clop, clop, clop goes the horses’ hooves on the hard surface of the city bitumen road. And then silence as each drover waits for the traffic lights to change to green.

Ding! And the tram rattles forward; away from the horses and their masters who are travelling in the opposite direction.

Busy city streetscape gives way to green, open space with neatly kept gardens. In among the trees, I see a grand old building of yesteryear. Its domed roof with its cupola finished in gold leaf tell of an era now long gone.

Close by, a mint bride poses in front the majestic Hochgurtel Fountain. The bridal gown, full length with the bodice hugging the bride’s curvaceous form from bosom to hips. Tulle, silk, and chiffon ruffles conically cascade from her upper thigh to the ground.

Ding! Traffic lights change. And the tram moves on.

Here a cathedral, there a theatre, and interspersed: colonial buildings sit squat amongst towering glass skyscrapers.

And on the tram goes. Past Parliament House and a Treasury built from the rich pickings of a 19th Century gold rush.

Tram wheels squeak their distinctive squeal as the tram driver steers his tram into another street. This time the tram line runs parallel to a major city railway line.

And on the tram trundles. Past a busy railway interchange before travelling towards riverside and the docklands. And all the while, there is something new to view: street sculpture, a television studio, a sports stadium, and the harbour.


New sights and sounds enjoyed: refresh and reinvigorate.

Copyright Jo 2014

5 thoughts on “Collage

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  2. As I have never traveled your descriptive words create a beautiful picture to help me see exactly what you are looking at… thankyou! Cheers B


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