Last night my niece sent me a message.

As the ‘phone message had no title, I was curious. And pressing my forefinger on the as yet unread message up popped a scanned image of a young girl.

The girl’s long hair was swept up off her face and gathered into a bun on top of her head. Wearing a long dress with short sleeves and a broad smile, that girl looked happy.

My niece thought I might know her.

I stared at the image of that girl.

No, it couldn’t be, I thought.

Looking as if the world was all before her, that girl wore an air of a future bright brimming over with endless possibility.

But that girl is so young!

I sent a text response to my niece. Cheeky minx: in less than two minutes she replied with yet another scanned image of that girl.

Still, there was something familiar about her. There, in the eyes. An indomitable spirit. And a stubborn refusal of defeat, no matter how hard life bit.

It is good to know, never mind the passing of the years, we continue to have that in common.

Copyright Jo 2014

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