Every now and again something happens that stops you in your tracks.  You react with a sharp intake of breath as you see for the first time another human being’s perspective of you.

One such time was a few days ago.

I was attending a funeral service. Also in attendance were a few fellow aqua-group members. And for one, their reaction was more vocal. From behind me I could clearly hear: ‘Oh!’

We were watching a pictorial reflection of the dear departed’s life.

Pictures of family gatherings and other happy snaps were provoking smiles and tears from loved ones and close friends. While for those on the periphery, like me, the images imparted a view of a man who lived life large. Truly a life brimming over with joy, love, and laughter.

Unexpected and unannounced, up popped an image of our aqua-group gathered together to celebrate Christmas. And then another taken in one of the vineyards of the Hunter Valley. Each, a memento of happy times.

Mind you, these out-of-pool experiences just continued the theme of each aqua-aerobic session.

Never mind diversity of career or background of the collective group which consisted of artists, publicists, housewives, writers, academics, corporate management types, public servants, massage therapists, restaurateurs, and show-biz folk.

And definitely, without a shadow of doubt, never mind the more obvious reasons for getting into a heated pool. True, for some it was a case of getting fit. For others, the reason was rehabilitation. But also, there were those among us for whom it was the hope of maintaining mobility for as long as possible.

And so, the frequent gatherings of like-minded souls satisfied the need to belong and to have fun. And to laugh and to share in light-hearted banter over a coffee after each aqua-aerobic session.

I am reminded of yet another conversation.

Specifically, the one that takes place between the two main characters in the motion film: The Bucket List. Edward and Carter are discussing the meaning of life with Carter responding that how well a person has lived their life can be found in their response to the two questions:

  • ‘Did you find the joy in life?’
  • ‘And did your life bring joy to others?’

I could be wrong, but I reckon our dear departed friend’s response to both these questions is a resounding: ‘Yes!’

Copyright Jo 2014

2 thoughts on “The Joy-Bringers

  1. I am sorry to hear about your friend, it is magic when positive and happy memories help those left behind. Cheers Barbara


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