It’s true. I’m the first to admit it. Hard work has its rewards.

On the other hand being told: ‘It’s all well and good for you. You’re lucky.’  Well that just gives me a serious case of the ‘irrits’.

Like the swan gliding across still waters, the seemingly effortless grace of the swan’s movements are not without effort.

So too my refusal to accept the surgeon’s prognosis meant pushing past the pain.  To stretch, massage and cajole my feet to move.  And to do that every single day for the rest of my life.

And now, after years of being faithful to a regimen of daily exercise, I’m reaping what I’ve sown.  Like being able to flex my feet. To walk.  Step after step I move, smiling. Joyful at the freedom that mobility brings.

There is a saying: ‘Greet everyone as if they too are fighting a mighty battle.’

By my reckoning the implied meaning is too narrow.  What if the person you meet is wearing an aura of calm contentment, and dare I say it, happiness?

Is the assumption they live a trouble-free life?

Given my life experience, I disagree with this view. I am happy despite my difficulties. I smile and tell myself life is good.

And I willingly do so. Just for another opportunity to hug my loved ones. And to thrive in this cacophonous world.

So for heaven’s sake, don’t begrudge a person their happiness.  Know in your heart that yes they too are fighting a mighty battle, but on this day they are the victor.

Copyright Jo 2013

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