I read somewhere that life is for living without regret.

By my reckoning, this is a flawed view.

Day-to-day life involves a multitude of choice.  Every decision acted upon has its consequences. Some anticipated, some not.

Even with actions executed with the best of intentions, there is no guarantee of acceptance as intended.

So while hindsight can serve as a guide for future plans, decisions and behaviour, in reality, living in the moment means making mistakes.

Some mistakes have fortuitous endings. Just look to the ‘Post It Notes’ as an example.  But others do not.

In all likelihood, personal errors of judgement come heavily laced with regret and sorrow, commensurate with the depth of emotional attachment.

Which is where forgiveness plays a part. And the ability to let go.  To admit the error, say ‘sorry’ (even if that apology is to oneself) and to move on.

For failure to understand one’s own humanness also has its consequences.  Existing in constant fear of making a mistake, choosing instead to play it safe, and to stay within the comfort zone means the fear of the unknown and the ‘what ifs’ have won out.

So perhaps not: ‘Life is for living without regret,’ but rather:  ‘Life is for living in spite of the regret’.

Copyright Jo 2013

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