A life time of personal experience shapes and reinforces beliefs and influences behaviour.

Typically, praise boosts confidence fuelling the incentive to perfect innate ability.  Conversely, criticism can drive a human to avoid activities especially where their thinking is along the lines of “I’m hopeless at this!”

My niece was two when she told me to ‘Dud up!’  I was singing at the time.  She hasn’t been alone in her criticism.  While at school, commentary of my vocality included the words ‘almost’ and ‘not quite’.  I have even been told more than once ‘Silence is Golden’.

Good, terrible or somewhere in-between, I could heed the opinions of those around me and refrain.  The trouble is I want to sing when I’m bursting with joy.  So, what happens when passion and desire exceed ability?  For me, it is a case of reinvention.

Case in point: the man in my life is a serious person. Contemplative. Sometimes too much so.  And every now and again, I take action to lighten the mood.

‘Care to dance?’ I’ll ask him.

He will seem to look about him for something.

‘There’s no music,’ is his typical response.

‘I’ll improvise,’ is mine.

Our eyes meet. I smile at him and he at me.

I begin to sing.  He groans. And as we waltz around the lounge room (or kitchen) dodging the furniture and our two dogs, it isn’t long before I hear his rich, sonorous laugh.  Dancing stops in an embrace. Cheek to cheek, he whispers into my ear, ‘Thank you’.

An ending justifying the means.  The perfect excuse to keep on singing.

Copyright Jo 2013

2 thoughts on “The Yearning

  1. After a week of chaos and chaotic thoughts it was lovely to imagine the setting and hear the laughter. It settled the whirling in my brain and caused me to sing – off key!


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