Head bopping, feet tapping, body swaying, fingers snapping.

Lips curving into a smile.  The music triggers a memory: of another time and place, fondly remembered.

Of an island off Italy’s coastline where the cliffs plunge into azure waters and narrow alleyways of light-coloured cobblestones and centuries-old buildings cling to the steep slopes.

Travellers from different continents and with disparate itineraries gather briefly.  All too soon, each will go their separate way.

So the focus is on the immediate: the stunning view overlooking the sea while the sun sets, and of the people sitting around a rectangular table on the patio enjoying a simple meal of pasta, green leafy salad, ciabatta, and Chianti.  A repast made memorable by a sense of camaraderie, good-natured banter, and laughter.

Transcending time, the enduring melody is the souvenir that keeps on giving joy.

Copyright Jo 2013

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