How Many Are Too Many?

Adjectives and adverbs: they remind me of the story of Goldilocks. Rather than just right: too many adjectives and too many adverbs spoil the reading experience. But just the right amount? They add depth of detail without distracting the reader's attention away from the story. Until next time, Jo  

How Many Ways Are There To Describe a Scene?

Scene: A cat and a mat. Question: How many ways can you describe a cat sitting on a mat? Possible descriptions include: o A cat sat on a mat. o On a mat a cat sat. o A cat, on a mat, sat. o There is the mat upon which the cat sat. o The…

Which View?

Which view is the best? Some of the more well-known literary points of view include the first person, third person, or the omniscient (bird's-eye view). But there are other points of view. And these other points of view can be as diverse as the number of humans now living, or who have since died. And…

The Idea

Here I am, On the periphery Of your mind's eye. Vague. As yet, unformed. So, now that I am here, Where to from here? Entirely in your hands: Sculpt me. Shape me. Transform me From a thought into Something else. Something other people Can also experience. Copyright J Bouwman 2017